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Updated: 6:22 PM Feb 27, 2011
11 Cares: Are your hotel, hospital sheets Omni clean?
When you go on vacation, stay in a hotel or make an unexpected stop in a hospital you expect the sheets, towels and linens to be clean. But how do you know if they're really as clean as they look? In this edition of 11 Cares for Business Aaron Luna tells us why, if the laundry was done by Omni, you can rest all night with peace of mind.
Posted: 6:02 PM Feb 27, 2011
Reporter: Aaron Luna
Email Address: aaron.luna@nbc11news.com
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  • by Andrew Location: Grand Junction on Feb 27, 2011 at 08:03 PM
    Just from speaking with many housekeepers at the hotels on Horizon Drive, everyone of the people that ride GVT in the mornings and work at the hotels brag that their jobs are easy because most of them just make the beds instead of taking them to the laundry. I WILL NEVER EVER STAY IN A HOTEL IN THIS TOWN!! That is just disgusting period!! I don't care if someone just sits on the bed, they may have some contagious disease and the housekeepers are not cleaning the linens. Count me out on staying in a hotel in Grand Junction.
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