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Posted: 5:14 PM May 1, 2008
Ban on Prairie Dog Shoots Rejected
Denver (AP) _ The Colorado Wildlife Commission has rejected a conservation group's petition to ban prairie dog shoots.
Reporter: AP
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  • by Dillon Location: Grand Junction on May 7, 2008 at 07:06 AM
    I thought the endangered species list was for the animals that where ALMOST extinct...last time i check there where so many prairie dogs you couldn't spit without hitting one. If the Wild Earth People can name one thing that the P.Dog contributes to this world...aside from carrying the Black Plague and eating their own dead... i would love to protect them....
  • by dee Location: grand junction on May 2, 2008 at 06:08 AM
    A colt or calf that has to be shot because of a broken leg after steping in a prairie dog hole is inhumane. These animals are prairie rats that carry blue bonic plague and god knows what else. I bet the folks that want to save them would kill a rat in there home in a minute and these creatures are worse than any rat. Let our hunter type people shoot them and leave our deer, antilope, and elk rest in peace until hunting season.
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