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Updated: 7:53 PM Apr 25, 2013
Biggest drug bust in jurisdiction history
Authorities indicted thirty six criminal on charges ranging from racketeering to drug distribution in the biggest drug bust in Mesa County history.
Posted: 6:10 PM Apr 25, 2013
Reporter: Sara Zendehnam
Email Address: Sara.Zendehnam@nbc11news.com
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  • by Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013 at 10:23 PM
    For years mesa county had ignored the meth and drug problems in our little burg. wow what a surprise the drugs go by way of loma and mack ....duh fools if you wanna traffic drugs stay off i 70m from salt lake go to vernal utah -- then to meeker -- rifle i 70 to denver and you have bypassed the most patrolled area of racial profiling in the usa - -exit 15 by loma -- will get u busted for sure oh the way past the weigh station by the loma check station -- is by mack take the exit to mack and drive up though the country roads to grand junction.. you will bypass the cops and state patrol.. . . oh by the way there is a mexican safe house in grand junction at 500 block of florence road and elm next to 30 road --- is the law enforcement in this town blind ??
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