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Body found in Rifle linked to counterfeit money operation
Lindsey Pallares

The body of a Rifle man found in October by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office is now being connected with a counterfeit money operation in Grand Junction. According to the Denver Post, the body of 24-year-old Jeremiah J. Michaelis of Rifle has been identified through dental records to be linked to a counterfeit money operation from earlier this year. Michaelis' body was found on October 2nd in the Fravert area by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office. Authorities are still waiting for the completed results of autopsy report to determine the probable cause of death, but at this time they do not suspect foul play. Michaelis was arrested in March under suspicion of making counterfeit $100 bills in a Grand Junction motel room. Local authorities report evidence of the counterfeit operation included computers, printers, chemicals, and cutting devices that were found in his possession at the time of the arrest.

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