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Citizens for Clean Air forum discusses air quality issues in the valley
Kelsey Perkins

The Citizens for Clean Air, a group of locals concerned about our air quality, hosted their third annual public forum Monday night. The forum discussed three important topics, among them the frack waste water disposal site in Whitewater that has caused some controversy in the past, as well as the results of a survey that the group distributed to residents testing their knowledge on open burning regulations. “There is a lot of misinformation out there on what you can and cannot burn, so a lot of people are not aware that you’re not supposed to burn leaves and trash and garbage and tires, so it surprised me,” said Kristen Winn with Citizens for Clean Air. The group also discussed the beginnings of a new low cost air quality monitoring project, made possible through a grant. That project will place air monitoring eggs throughout the valley to find out where most of the air pollution is coming from. “When we get those winter air inversions followed by spring burning, it can be really difficult for people to breathe and there are increased visits to the emergency room and doctor visits for asthma medication,” said Winn. “We really live in a bowl, and what we do on either end of the valley effects the entire valley so we really need to be cognizant of what our actions are.”

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