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District 51 and the Gateway community work to save Gateway School
Lindsey Pallares

A tightening District 51 budget forces Gateway School to cut down on its expenses in order to keep its doors open. Parents, teachers, and the District 51 School Board met Tuesday night to discuss options on how Gateway School can become more cost-effective within the Mesa County school system. Operational costs for the K-12 school amount to roughly $570,000 a year with less than 30 students enrolled. The District 51 School Board opened their meeting by telling the Gateway community they have no intention of shutting down their school but ideas for budget reductions need to be solidified quickly. Mothers like Kindra Mazurek say they're willing to offer creative ideas as long as their school stays open. “Whatever it takes, I’m already on the PTO, I've been on the fire department for 14 years, I’ll step up to the plate and do whatever it takes,” says Gateway parent, Kindra Mazurek. “We're here more to listen and have a discussion tonight we're a long way from doing anything like closing the school,” says John Williams of the District 51 School Board. Some options presented by the board to alleviate finance issues involve converting Gateway into an elementary only school or a charter school. No decisions regarding the fate of Gateway School were made Tuesday night. Input gathered will be consolidated and reviewed for cost-effectiveness. The next meeting will take place on March 4th at 6:00 p.m. in the Gateway School gym.

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