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3-year-old child hit by GVT bus dies in Denver hospital
Nick Rothschild

One day after a three-year-old child was hit and killed by a Grand Valley Transit bus, officials tell us video obtained from the bus will be used during the GJPD's investigation into the crash. Veronica Daehn-Harvey with Mesa County tells us cameras in the bus will likely give a good view of what the driver saw at the time of the crash. Cameras in the GVT bus show both the driver's view from the front of the bus and a general view of the back of the bus. At this time the Grand Junction Police Department has not confirmed that they are using the video. Tuesday night that Grand Junction Police Department confirmed that the child passed away at a Denver area hospital just two hours after the incident. MV Transportation, a Dallas-based company that Mesa County contracts with to run GVT, is sending a corporate representative to Grand Junction Wednesday as a part of their internal investigation of the incident. Despite our efforts, the representative has denied our request for an interview. MV Transportation released a statement on Tuesday regarding the crash, saying: "Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved, and we are fully cooperating with the police investigation into this incident... Per our company policy, the bus operator has been removed from service pending the outcome of both investigations. Due to the serious nature of this incident." ___________________________________________ **FROM TUESDAY** Emergency crews scrambled to the intersection of 29 Road and North Avenue as reports streamed in that a three-year-old child had been hit by a Grand Valley Transit bus Tuesday afternoon. The call went out at around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. According to the Grand Junction Police Department, the child and an adult were crossing North Avenue when they were hit by the bus, which was making a right turn onto North Avenue from 29 Road. The child suffered severe injuries from the crash and was immediately taken to an area hospital via ambulance. The adult did not sustain any serious injuries. Shortly thereafter the GJPD closed the intersection at 29 Road and North Avenue. All four lanes of the intersection will be closed for at least two hours as officers complete their investigation of the incident. At this time, the GJPD is investigating the status of the walk signals and traffic lights at the intersection. Grand Valley Transit officials released a statement regarding the crash on Tuesday, saying: "We are cooperating fully with the investigation. Our hearts go out to the family affected by this accident." Officials have no indication that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.

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