Sat Aug 29 18:34:29 PDT 2015
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"Byers Rifle Range Fire" burns 600 acres, causing Highway 40 closures
April Davis

The Byers Canyon Shooting Range in Grand County is closed until further notice after target practice at a public shooting range in Grand County sparked a wildfire that has burned about 600 acres. Local, county, state and federal emergency responders have been battling the blaze including air support from Grand Junction. The fire is burning near Hot Sulphur Springs and Granby in Grand County and has forced the closure of a section of Highway 40 several times. As of Tuesday afternoon, The Grand County Emergency Management Office said the fire was 60 percent contained and the cause was determined to be a .223 full metal jacket round. Fire burned through sage and grasses, with sporadic torching of lodgepole pines. Ownership of the land is split between private, state, and the Bureau of Land Management. A group of Byers Canyon Shooting Range users reported a fire Monday about noon near the area where they were shooting. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says its workers spoke with the group and found no evidence of illegal behavior.

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