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Parents are anxious to see new the District 51 calendar
Stacia Strong

It may just be the beginning of 2015, but many parents are already planning ahead to the start of the next school year. But when the first day of school will be has yet to be decided for District 51 schools. The past few school years have seen several big changes when it comes to the start of school and the breaks students get throughout the year. And while parents like Amy Bratteli say their families have adjusted to the changes they also say they hope there are no more. “It’s my thought that they aren’t going to change it, I think it if stays the way it is it should be fine,” said Bratteli. There are many parents like Bratteli who were a little uneasy when the school district originally shifted their calendar year to an earlier start date. “We were surprised the first time in that we had already had plans made so our kids missed the first week of school that year but we’ve been able to adjust,” said Bratteli. But after making those adjustments several parents said they have actually seen some positive benefits from their kids having several breaks throughout the year instead of a longer summer. Now the anticipation turns to what the 2015-2016 school year will look like, and many parents say they hope no more changes are in store. The District 51 Calendar Committee has been working the past several weeks on the new calendar and said they have come with two plans for the School Board to look at. One is a continuation of this years and the other has several variations based on community feedback A continuation is exactly what mom, Amy Bratteli said she is hoping the board will agree on, but since the calendar has not yet been announced many parents like Bratteli still have to put off their vacation plans. “It would be nice to know ahead of time yea, as far as plans with both my husband and I working we do schedule our vacations about a year in advance,” said Bratteli. After the school board sees the two options the planning committee has come up with which included parent feedback from a District 51 Calendar survey, they will take a few weeks to decide. The group will announce their decision at the February 17th meeting.

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