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New winery opens its doors in Palisade
Stacia Strong

Wine seems to be all grand valley residents and visitors can think about this week as we get closer to Palisade Wine-Fest and the options for Vino in Palisade continue to expand. Red Fox Cellars opened their doors for the first time this week hoping to give Grand Valley residents and visitors a new take on wine. The family owner winery is offering unique blends of wines after working for nearly two years to get their vineyard up and running. “None of us are coming from a specific school of wine making so we take things from everywhere," said Hamilton. Hamilton said he brings his love of home brewing to the winery which has made for some unique blends. And while the Hamilton’s say not all of the combinations of fruit or brewing traditions they tried worked out there is one they predict will be their claim to fame. They say their 44 Bourbon Barrel Merlot that is aged in bourbon barrels is getting phenomenal responses. Hamilton also said the family has plans to grow hops and create their own micro-brew, along with creating an atmosphere where everyone can hang-out. Red Fox Cellars will have wine tasting hours Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm and they will be holding their grand opening ceremony on September 27-28th.

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