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Juror that prompted Blagg re-trial sentenced to 10 days in jail
Nick Rothschild

The juror at the center of the Michael Blagg retrial controversy is sentenced to ten days at the Mesa County Jail and a $10,000 dollar fine after being convicted of contempt of court back in April. Charlesworth is set to begin her time behind bars on July 12th. The juror landed in hot water after she was accused of lying on her juror questionnaire during the jury selection process for the original Michael Blagg trial back in 2004. Her actions forced the hand of Judge David Bottger who granted Blagg a retrial just last year. District Attorney, Pete Hautzinger says he's satisfied with the sentence for this otherwise law-abiding woman and hopes there's a larger takeaway from this case. Charlesworth says the sentence could have been much worse and she's looking forward to moving on with her life. “I do my time, I pay my fine, and I move on and more than likely that will be out of Mesa County,” says Marilyn Charlesworth. “Our system will not work if jurors don't come in and tell the truth and that's the fundamental message here,” says District Attorney, Pete Hautzinger. The retrial for formerly convicted murderer Michael Blagg is scheduled to start in the spring of 2016. With the possibility of the District Attorney leaving to become a federal prosecutor, Chief Deputy District Attorneys Trish Mahre and Mark Hand will take over the case.

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