Sun Nov 29 15:08:10 PST 2015
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Four charged in state lottery sting
April Davis

The District Attorney’s Office said a lottery sting by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Lottery Enforcement Division in Mesa County overwhelmingly showed sites selling lottery tickets have done an excellent job at being in compliance with state lottery laws. In all of the instances, clerks were presented with winning tickets in the amounts of either $5,000 or $10,000. Four people were charged in three instances resulting in felony, forgery and theft. The district attorney's office said William Stenhouse appeared in court yesterday on his advisement of the charges and will be released on a $1,000 bond. Megan Stenhouse, Tracy Salyer, and Jakob Eisenhauher were also charged in the investigation. The Mesa County District Attorney's office said it is encouraged at the number of people in this county, who were given an opportunity to take money they were not entitled to, but opted not to do so. This operation should serve as a reminder of the high standards that the Colorado Lottery holds its sites to.

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