Dr. Andrew Morse - Bariatric and Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Andrew Morse specializes in bariatric and weight loss surgery. He is a board certified general surgeon and a partner of Surgical Associates of Western Colorado who is affiliated with Community Hospital. Dr. Morse is conveniently located next to the new Hospital in the adjoining medical professional complex at 2373 G Road, Suite 280. He has over six years of experience in performing weight loss surgeries; lap-band, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass and is a leader in providing the most state of art surgical weight-loss options in Grand Junction.

2373 G Road, Suite 280, GJ 81505

Procedure Comparison

Health Benefits (Clinical Trials)Gastric BandingGastric BypassSleeve Gasterectomy
Total Excess Body Weight Loss43%10461.6%2255%40
Type 2 Diabetes47.8% resolved104, 80.2% resolved or improved2283.7% resolved22, 90.6% resolved or improved2256% resolved40, 37% resolved or improved40
High Blood Pressure Resolved43.2%2267.5%2249%40
High Cholesterol78% improved2294.9%2243%40
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Resolved94.6%2286.6%2260%40
Average Surgery Time1 to 2.4 hrs.1051 to 3.7 hrs.221.5 to 3.5 hrs.40
Length of Hospital Stay1 to 3 days1052 to 5 days1062 days105


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Our Services Include

• Gastric Sleeve
• Gastric Bypass
• Lap Band Placement
• Laparoscopic surgery
• Minimally invasive surgery
• Hernia repair
• Breast surgery
• Acid reflux procedures (i.e. for heartburn)
• Minimally-invasive varicose vein procedures
• Upper and lower endoscopy (colonoscopy and "EGD")
• Intestinal surgery for benign or malignant conditions
• Hemorrhoid procedures
• Vasectomy
• Endocrine procedures

Before and After Surgery - What to Expect

What to expect - Lifestyle Changes
Preparation begins well before the actual surgical procedure. Lifestyle changes before and after weight-loss surgery, are essential to ensuring a successful and long-lasting outcome. Dr. Morse and his surgical weight-loss team have a well-developed plan to guide and support you through your entire weight-loss process - before, during and after surgery.

PRE-SURGERY Lifestyle Changes
Patient knowledge and confidence are crucial to any surgical procedure. You will meet with Dr. Morse and his surgical weight-loss team for a pre-surgery exam and evaluation. This includes; medical diagnostic testing, a mental and nutritional evaluation. Once these results are evaluated, you will again meet with Dr. Morse to discuss the outcomes and determine which weight loss procedure is right for you. In addition, we recommend several things that you, as a patient can do ahead of time to ensure a successful surgery:
  • Exercise.
  • Begin walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be continuous and can be broken up into smaller sessions.
  • If you smoke, stop smoking before surgery.
  • Smoking delays healing after any surgery, promotes infection, decreases your capacity for oxygen, increases the potential for lung problems and increases your risk for ulcers after surgery.
  • Listen to your Doctor.
  • Dr. Morse and his surgical weight-loss team will provide you with written information you need prior to surgery to maximize your best physical, mental and surgical outcomes.

POST SURGERY Lifestyle Changes
Weight loss surgery can change your life. Committing to making changes in your post-surgery life will maximize the benefits of your surgery in order to achieve long-term lasting success. Patient follow-up is essential and our entire surgical weight-loss team is ready to provide ongoing support for you.

  • Nutritional Support.
  • Patients meet with a nutritionist for educational instruction on dietary changes.
  • Exercise Support.
  • Patients meet with an exercise professional to determine an exercise plan for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Group Support.
  • Patients are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled support groups to share their experience with others who have gone through the same weight-loss surgery and understand their goals.
  • Physician Support. Follow-up care with Dr. Morse’s team is usually done with his physician’s assistant, Julie Schwarz. There will be follow-up appointments scheduled after one week, one month, three months, six months and a year, and then at least annually after the first year.