Winter weather causes dip in blood donations

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- St. Mary’s Blood Donor Center might not have enough blood in reserve to treat multiple traumas.

Staff at the center said this week’s severe weather is to blame for donations dropping by about half.

The same weather keeping people from coming in is also what is bringing in patients in need of blood.

Sherri Burns, a St. Mary’s donor recruiter, said it only takes about a half hour to donate blood.

"Some of the biggest myths are, 'Oh I'm on certain medications so I can't donate', or, 'I've travelled and I can't donate'. And generally that's not the case. Most people are actually eligible to donate,” said Burns.

If you need some extra incentive, it's National Blood Donation Month and the center will do a cholesterol screen for free through the end of January.

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