Ice removal continues across Grand Junction roadways

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - City road crews were working around the clock for the past few days, but it wasn't their usual task – the icy conditions proved more difficult to clear.

"It was a very thin sheet of ice, probably thinner than the blades on our plows would plow off," said Starr.

Crews were using a mix of magnesium chloride and ice slicer to treat the roads, but this storm brought a new set of challenges.

"What was happening with the moisture and the rain – it was diluting down so quickly that it wasn't cutting the ice," said Starr.

Commercial snow removal companies faced similar problems.

"When we put the snow melt down, it was freezing up by the time the guys finished the circle," said Dan Komolo, with Bookcliff Gardens

Bookcliff Gardens provides snow removal for dozens of local businesses.

As the ice continues to turn into slush, crews are working to get it off the streets.

Starr said there are steps you can take to help with road conditions, such as keeping gutters and storm drains clear so water can move off the streets.

"With all the slush, the storm drains start backing up as it melts,” Starr explained. “It creates its own little pond that will freeze at night time so again be cautious that you’ll have black ice.”

Dan Komolo with Bookcliff Gardens says for independent snow removal companies, suppliers are actually running out of ice melt due to storms across the country.

"We have stocked up as much as we can, but anything else is going to be coming from out of state until the manufacturer of the ice melt can get caught up," Komolo said.

With more storms in the forecast, residents are urged to be proactive with walks and driveways.

"The sooner you can get the snow off, the better off you are," said Komolo.

Plow trucks are now gearing up for another round of winter weather.

“You can prep yourself and prepare and we continue to do that,” Starr said. “But until you see what it is, and what it does, you really don't know how to fight it.”

The City isn’t sure how much this storm cost them just yet. They say they have ordered around 14,000 gallons of magnesium chloride and over 80 tons of ice slicer to keep the roads clear.

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