Staying safe at Country Jam

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MACK, Colo. (KKCO) -- It's a weekend full of drinking, singing, dancing...and a bit more drinking.

With all the partying it's easy to forget those simple things that will keep you safe during Country Jam Weekend.

"We came out yesterday and I didn't have water and it was super hot and I was kind of miserable," said Ethan Labriola, who is at Country Jam for the first time.

Pair 90 degree temperatures with an open field in direct sunlight, and you could be in for a medical nightmare.

"The first part of heat exhaustion is going to be you're extremely hot, dry mouth, and you feel thirsty," said Tom Henderson, with the Lower Valley Fire District.

Just a few days into the festival and the medical tent has seen its fair share of country jammers.

"Mostly we've been dealing with cuts, scrapes, heat emergencies and stuff like that," said Henderson.

We talked to one jammerr who wasn't feeling his best a few hours into the first day.

"I was super light headed and not feeling too good," said Grant McNamara, who is at Country Jam for the first time.

After a visit to the medical tent, McNamara was better prepared for day two.

"Sat in there for 30 min to an hour just took a nap, keep this on me fill it up 20 to 30 times," said McNamara.

EMS crews said the key is to keep drinking water.

"Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, especially if you're drinking alcohol or anything like that, you want to make sure you're backing up your water intake with that as well," said Henderson.

Fans said it's all about moderation.

"We’ve got a truck out here not too far, it has a cooler in the back with drinks and stuff. Carry one of these around all day sip on it, sip on water all day," said Labriola.

EMS crews said while overheating is the main problem in the earlier days, throughout the weekend it's going to become dehydration. They recommend drinking one gallon of water a day.

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