CSP: DUI arrests down at Country Jam

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MACK, Colo. (KKCO) -- In previous years, Colorado State Patrol has seen up to 50 DUI arrests, but day three of Country Jam and we’re off to a good start.

“The good news is people are being very responsible, we haven’t arrested a DUI in the area here,” said Trooper Dan Chermok, with Colorado State Patrol.

Even so, troopers are out in full force throughout the party weekend.

“All the troopers are working this Country Jam; we’re even hot seating our cars. One works the day, one works the night so every trooper in the area is working Country Jam,” said Trooper Chermok.

Trooper Chermok said they are still taking precautions, “We’re looking for people for traffic violations typically, some equipment violations possibly, some people are speeding, and some people are weaving a little bit, making a wider narrower turn.”

We had the chance to test out the fatal vision goggles on some party goers.

“It made me dizzy,” said Jessica Chermok, who tried on the goggles.

We wanted to see how they did on a DUI test.

“I’m seeing a lot of blurry lines; I can’t even walk in a straight line,” said Jessica.

Even putting them on someone in a golf cart to simulate drunk driving.

“It looked like multiple cones and it was hard to tell how far away from them I was while driving,” said Kristen Barber, who tried driving a golf cart in the goggles.

Both people were completely sober.

“So what these do is make your body act like it has a certain level of a central nervous system depressant, such as alcohol in your system,” said Trooper Chermok.

The goggles were right at the legal limit.

“I can barely even stand up straight without trying not to wiggle,” said Jessica.

Barber said it made her feel under the influence, “I felt very dizzy and almost motion sick trying to drive.”

In years past CSP has seen people way past the legal limit out on the roads.

“Last year, unfortunately here in the county our average DUI was over a .17 so greater than double the legal limit,” said Trooper Chermok.

“Have a designated driver with you, somebody you know is going to drive you home safe,” said Jessica.

CSP is also reminding those of age not to give alcohol to underage people. If they end up getting hurt, you could face felony charges.

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