Audit: Colorado wasting millions in sex offender program

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DENVER (AP) - An audit has found that the Colorado Department of Corrections is wasting as much as $44 million annually because it has failed to fix problems related to a sex offender treatment program.

State legislators discussed the report from the state Auditor's Office this week.

The Denver Post reported the audit's findings show treatment is being delayed for some imprisoned sex offenders, including those sentenced to lifetime supervision who must complete the treatment before they can be released.

Auditors found nearly 1,300 prisoners in December 2015 had passed their parole eligibility date but hadn't received sex offender treatment.

The potential millions of dollars in costs to taxpayers were determined by calculating the annual cost for inmates' prolonged incarceration.

Corrections officials say most prisoners who haven't completed the sex offender treatment didn't want to enroll or failed to complete the program.

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