D-51 students to self-administer medicine

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- About 300 students in District 51 will have approval to take necessary medications by themselves during school.

The District 51 school board plans to turn a two-year pilot program into official district policy on Oct. 25.

Students will soon be able to self-administer non-life-saving medications, like pain pills for migraines.

They can also be responsible for taking life-saving medications, like EpiPens.

The District said hree things have to occur for a student to be able to carry any medication with them and self-administer medication:

- Written doctor’s order for the medication, including notice that the student can self-carry.
- Parent signature and the parent has to supply the medication. The parent also needs to sign a carry contract with the student and the RN.
- The student has to show the RN that they are capable of self- administering.

The District does not allow students to carry opiate pain medications.

"We have to have parents sign off on it, doctors sign off on it, school nurse talks with the student, so everyone is on the same page about what is a safe and healthy practice. And the kids feel like that they are trusted to take health into their own hands,” said Emily Shockley spokeswoman for District-51.

District 51 said the change will cut down on costs for families since they won't have to purchase two prescriptions of sometimes expensive medications.

Students must submit doctor and parent permissions to be able to have medications in school.

The most common type of medication among school kids is inhalers, but students also take insulin, ADD Medicine, seizure medicine among others.

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