Doctor's car stolen from VA Garage

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo(KKCO) February 7th, started as a normal day at work for Doctor Eric Hanly, but quickly took a turn for the worst.

"[I] thought I was losing my mind because I couldn't find my truck," said Hanly.

Hanly is the Chief of Surgery for the VA Hospital. He parked his Ford F-150 in the employee parking lot, but when he left to head home it was gone.

VA security cameras caught images of a thief busting the car window and driving away. The individual had a male build, was dress in dark bottoms, and a light top.

"The crazy thing to me was the thief was willing to do it in broad daylight, under security cameras,” said Hanly.

He shared the security camera photos on Facebook, which have now been shared over a thousand times.

The Grand Junction Police Department say this is a perfect example of how theft can happen just about anywhere.

"Thieves are watching and they know what's going on and where to look for cars," said GJPD Patrol Sargent Lonnie Chavez.

Sargent Chavez says parking garages can be an easy target.

“If you’re leaving your car there, and you’re in the hospital for two or three days and you’re not going to know it’s gone by the third day, it’s a target rich environment,” said Sargent Chavez.

Hanly doesn’t blame the garage; he kept a spare key in his car, which he thinks ultimately led to the theft.

"I don't know if the person had been watching my habits, and knew that I probably had a key in there, but I definitely learned my lesson about that," said Hanly.

He says it’s a lesson in keeping your guard up even in the most common of places.

"It was my go skiing, go rafting truck, go mountain biking car, and now I’m going to have to replace it. We'll see," said Hanly, hopeful it will be found.

Car Information:
Ford F-150 crew cab with truck bed topper
Licenses plate: RIG2FLP
Case number: 2017-7872
If seen please call police at 911

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