Nextdoor app serving as new neighborhood watch

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Getting to know your neighbor is as simple as going Nextdoor. We're not talking knocking on the door, but instead a social media app.

You can think about it as a one-stop shop for all your needs and wants right in your own backyard.

The app, Nextdoor, allows you to get to know the people in your neighborhood because people might take a look down their street and realize they don't know a lot of their neighbors.

"But people will communicate with their neighbors on social media sites," Todd Rowell said, a Mesa County Sheriff's Office Operations Captain.

That's where the app comes in handy. It works a lot like Facebook.

"I think it's a lot more helpful than social media because you don't get a bunch of spam stuff and other people interacting, it's just for your neighborhood," said Kelley Lesjak, who uses the app herself.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office said this neighborhood only interaction is the new-age of neighborhood watch.

"It allows them the opportunity to have some plans and have information for us and be the eyes and ears for us when we can't be there. The reality is we cant have a cop in every neighborhood, 24 hours a day," Rowell said.

You can post anything and everything on the app, from community issues to crime in the neighborhood, or use it for your own personal reasons.

"I've used it to sell items and used it for my personal business," said Lesjak.

If you know who you're living next to then chances are you'll rest easy when you're away.

"You all look out for each other if you get to know each other and you know you'll be able to say there is someone creeping in your yard," said Lesjak.

If you're concerned about safety or privacy and think that anyone can say they live in any neighborhood. Nextdoor does have steps that you have to do to confirm your address.

The app is free and available both on a computer or your smart phone.

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