Public Health Alert: wash hands frequently

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) -- Health officials issued a public health reminder about the importance of hand washing and using proper hand washing technique— wet your hand first, then lather and scrub.

The Health Department typically sees an uptick in food-borne illnesses, especially Salmonella, during the summer months.

Officials recommend humming the “Happy birthday” song all the way through twice, before rinsing your hands.

"There are times that maybe people aren't thinking about cleanliess. For me, that's when I give my dog a dog treat,” said Katie Goddeyne with the Mesa County Health Department. I’ve never really thought about that before maybe there are things in dog treats that I may not want on my hands while I’m preparing food.”

Officials recommend washing your hands before, after and during food preparation to help prevent cross contamination and other food-borne diseases. Wash all your fruits and vegetables thoroughly since many hands have probably touched them.

Of course, health experts said it’s imperative to wash your hands after using the bathroom, but it is also necessary after helping a child use the bathroom or when just accompanying a friend in the restroom.

“It’s a dirty place and if you come out of there even, if you just touch that handle, and someone else hasn't washed their hands you are open the door to foodborne illness, E.coli that sort of thing,” Goddeyne said.

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