Sheriff's Office seeking volunteers for victim advocate program

When victims at a crime scene or accident need support, it's volunteers who are on call to help.

The Victim Advocate Program at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office consists of a team of about 30 volunteers, on call to help people deal with some tough situations.

Vanessa Glascoe has been volunteering with the program for about 4 years. She's a mom who works full time and picks up a few on call shifts a month to help her community. She says one of the most impactful calls she's been on, was when she was tasked with comforting a mother - who'd just lost her child.

Tracy Baker, the Victim Services Coordinator for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office says they're "looking for people who have a sense of compassion and want to help in our community."

They provide all the training you'll need - volunteers just have to pass a background check and be able to drive themselves to scenes.

The next VAP Academy (for training) starts September 12th. It's a 40 hour course and will give volunteers introductory training in:

• Trauma response and early intervention
• Dynamics of Domestic Violence
• Assisting the bereaved
• Children as Victims
• Assisting victims of sexual assault
• Working within "The System"
• Community resources available in Mesa County

The Sheriff's office asks that each volunteer sign-up for at least three 12 hour shifts per month. Shifts can be selected according to your schedule and time off for vacation, etc. is accommodated.

If you're interested in volunteering with the Victim Assistance Program, contact the coordinator at the info below, or click the link for an application.

Tracy Baker, Victim Advocate Coordinator
Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
Office Phone: (970)244-3275