Tow truck drivers were busy during ice storm

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Tow truck companies were backed up for hours on Monday.

Many people were sliding off the roads, into ditches and medians across the valley. One company took nearly 60 calls in about 10 hours.

I-70 closed for several hours Monday due to ice-covered roads, leading to more traffic and accidents on city and county roads.

"Even my tow trucks had to chain up, so they are going extra slow,” said Kim Hobscheidt, owner and office manager of Dan’s Towing and Ace Towing.

It was so busy at Dan's towing, it was hard to squeeze in an interview.

"We've got a lot of ice and that's where it's a little uncharacteristic,” Hobscheidt said, pausing to answer the phone, “Dan's Towing this is Kim, can I help you?”

Hobscheidt had to prioritize calls, based on whether people were in danger.

"Let the dispatcher know details, you've got children, your vehicle is disabled. I'm trying to put those that I got with people in harm’s way ahead of people who are just stuck inside their vehicle," Hobscheidt said.

If you do get stranded, take Kim’s advice:

"Stay inside your vehicle as long as it’s in a safe place. The biggest thing is trying to keep the people safe," she said.

Dan’s towing has been helping people around the Valley for more than 20 years.

"This is our livelihood as well as our passion. Our passion is to go out and take care of stranded people. It's what we like to do," said Hobscheidt.

Kim said she does not increase prices in bad weather, but she asks the public to just be patient out there.

A driver from D&J Towing and Recovery, who fished out many trucks from medians around the Valley, reminds drivers to move over for tow truck drivers.

State law requires that if you are driving on the roads and approaching stationary emergency vehicles with flashing lights, including tow trucks, you MUST vacate the closest lane, when it’s safe to do so.

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