Youth Coyotes Hockey team use sport to support police

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Support for Deputy Derek Geer has spread from schools, business and is now on ice skates.

Sunday morning at Glacier Ice Arena the Youth Coyotes Hockey team passed a blue bucket around the rink today to raise funds for the Geer family and show appreciation to all police and fire fighters.

After the hockey game Sunday Morning the boys had members from the Grand Junction Fire Department and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office come out on to the ice to shake hands and pass around a word of thanks.

The captain of the city's Fire District 3 said it's nice to see boys of such young age taking the time to show their support for their commitment to the community.

“You can never replace or fill the shoes of an Officer Geer but the financial support that community can offer the family is just it very touching. It’s moved a lot of people to tears and it’s an awesome show of support,” said Captain Eric Moyer.

As the fire department frequently works with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department they extend their thanks and condolences along with the boy’s hockey team to show support to public protectors.

“We are a small community but we have to stick together the outpouring of support that has happened with this tragedy is truly a bright spot for this community,” Captain Moyer added.

The team said they have raised over $600 by passing the bucket around after games and want to thank all law enforcement department and public servants in Mesa County.

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