Sister act headlines the "Wardogs" tennis team

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Teammates often turn into family, but what's it like to actually have a sister on your squad?

“Just having that support system, and you know, having like a built in friend who can just talk to you about tennis. She just waved at me,” said Ellie Driscoll.

“She definitely tells me what I do wrong, and it's good ‘cause sometimes you just need that,” said Rachel Driscoll.

The Driscoll sisters may play the same sport, but with Ellie leading the “Wardogs” tennis team in singles and Rachel heading up doubles, they say there's not a lot of overlap.

“She’s a little bit more aggressive than I am and I’m a little bit more just consistent. Like, I’m just like keep it in play, you know, get it over the net. She’s like ‘I’m going to get a winner ever shot,’” said Ellie Driscoll.

Or so they thought.

“They qualities of a good doubles player, characteristics is that they get to the net, and Rachel is really good up there. And Ellie, is just really good at the baseline, has really good ground strokes and really has our best serve on the team. The Driscoll characteristic is that they work hard and they’re good teammates, but they kind of have different games,” said Head Coach, Mickey Mantlo.

With Ellie headed off to college in the fall, the “Wardogs” sister act is coming to an end, but they're grateful for the past three years.

“I guess just being able to support her like overall is my favorite thing about it. Yeah just being able to spend more time with her I guess,” said Ellie Driscoll.

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