GJ Gymnastics gear up for "Wild West Round-Up" competition

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Non-traditional and oftentimes underrated, gymnastics isn't always front and center of the sports world on the Western Slope, but at least for this coming weekend, they’ll be the biggest show in town.

“Home meets are something that are only once a year so that at when they do come, everyone gets to come watch you,” Jaeden Daugherty, a diamond level gymnast from GJ gymnastics.

Home may be where the heart is but if you're a gymnast the road is something that you see a lot of.

Jaeden and her teammates know that, which is why this weekend's Wild West Round-Up is so special.

“This is our tradition. We have a meet this time every year. We usually have two meets a year, and this has turned into our largest gymnastics competition,” said KidzPex owner, Brian Bensley.

Two hundred sixty-two gymnasts from across the Western Slope will make the trek to Grand Junction to show off what they've got.
In the higher levels, the girls are amped over the rivalries.

“A lot of the girls, it's the same girls we competed against last year, so we know their faces we know who they are and we're just ready to go out and compete against them,” said Kayli Plantiko, another diamond level gymnast.

And that's just about all our local diamond and platinum level gymnasts should feel since all eight have qualified to the state competition.

Now it's about enjoying the home meet; for Kayli that means killing it on floor and for Jaeden it's nailing her straddle back on the uneven bars.

The Wild West Round-Up competition will be going on Saturday and Sunday morning at KidzPlex with the higher level gymnastics competing at 6:00 P.M. Saturday.

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