BMX: Starting them young

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The world is full of cliche ways for parents to bond with their kids. For one local family, they chose a different path, one that was paved in dirt and asphalt.

"it's great to be out here doing this together"
- Justin Tezak

MaryEmma, Justin's 6 year old daughter decided to start riding back in March.

"(I started) because I really wanted to, it's really good to ride bikes and get trophies and stuff"
MaryEmma Tezak
- Daughter

Monkey, one of the more experienced riders at Grand Valley BMX, took MaryEmma under her wing and saw her talent early.

"I knew as soon as we came out she was doing everything right... and I was just like, wow, this girl is really good"
- Morgan "Monkey" Zimmerman

The family was behind MaryEmma all the way.

"We encouraged her to do that.... is she wants to do it and keep going I am going to allow her to do it, but I think we both will be doing BMX for awhile now because it's such a good time"
- Justin Tezak

Over the course of the 4th of July weekend, both Justin and MarryEmma entered into a race and came home with some hardware. Justin took 1st in his event, and MaryEmma took 3rd. Just a few months in, she says she loves it already.

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