Pokemon Go: Exercise may be a Side Effect

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Pokemon Go, an old idea that is being reborn into the Mobile World and it is taking it by storm. With the number of downloads and users increasing daily since the release, Pokemon Go is bringing back some longtime fans, as well as some new ones.

"it's really a blast from the past, I played this game (Pokemon) my whole life growing up, and the nostalgia factor is what really hooked me.
- Zack Weadock, Team Valor

"originally Pokemon came out when I was 6 or 7 so I went to shops and battled and stuff as a kid"
- Whitney Gibbs, Team Valor

"I just started, My kids do it and it's something I do with them to interact"
- Diana Johnson, Team Instinct

"My wife was a big fan, she got into it, then she was like hey we need to do more stuff together.... Now I play it way more than she does, I just really dig it it's a lot of fun"
- Alex Blair, Team Mystic

Everyone's reason for starting may be different, but one result is consistent among all players.

"It's addicting, they are everywhere"
- Trey, Team Instinct

"the cool thing is we get to get out in the sun in Lincoln Park and get to catch Pokemon as well"
- Bailey, Team Undecided

"It's a video game but it is active, instead of sitting on your butt you can go out and do a video game but also walk, and run, and stuff"
- Ashley Hendricks, Team Undecided

Pokemon Go, is not your typical video game. If you want to be the very best from your couch or home, you'll end up left in the dust.

"there is people everywhere doing it, even my dog is doing it"
- Trey, Team Instinct

"anytime we have free time we try and get out here"
- Bailey, Team Undecided

"I go out twice everyday just to have fun"
- Diana Johnson, Team Instinct

"Kinda gives me incentive to go out even if it's hot, I can still always catch pokemon"
- Whitney Gibbs, Team Valor

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