HS football: Wildcats, Warriors collide in Week Four

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The injury big knows no mercy. For the Wildcats football team, they started the year healthy, but in a matter of weeks, injury has for the Wildcats to do some position shifting just like last year.

For the Cats, the familiar territory does come with a familiar face. Kyle Fineran is an all purpose athlete for Fruita who is the embodiment of the the next man up mentality.

"Every year is different you know. Always dissapointed for kids when they are out. The next guy has to step in , and we didn't do as good of a job with that last week. Again, another opportunity to create some competition with guys and we will see who steps up. We were in the same boat with Kyle and as the season went on he got better and he will this year. He is a smart, tough kid, he will be fine but we have to help him. Everyone has to do their job a little bit better."
- Todd Caspier, Head Coach
Fruita Monument

Football is a game with three phases. Offense, which the Warriors have in spades. Special teams, and last but not least, defense.

The Warriors defensive unit may not be the most heralded, but they certainly have made a difference and are a big reason for Central's 2-1 record this season.

"I feel like since we have been playing since 7th grade and we have kind of grown up. We've been hitting the weightroom all summer lifting weights getting stronger. Feel like we have been growing up, and getting used to eachother."
- Joey Estep, ILB
Central Football

"I feel like we have grown up a lot actually, we are better than we thought we could be. We are doing better, we are working harder, and we have stepped up a lot"
- Wes Holdren, ILB
Central Football

"They are aggressive, they love playing defense, and they love the game of football. So it's fun to watch them run around and play. It's going to be a different challenge for us this week with Fruita's big offensive and what Fruita does for them"
- Shawn Marsh, Head Coach
Central Football

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