Athlete of the Week: Melissa Gellerman & Sierra Batchelor

In this life friends come and go.

That's not the case for Melissa Gellerman and Sierra Batchelor.

These two Central High School Softball players have been best friends since age five. They do everything together, including playing on the diamond.

Both signed national letters of intent to play college ball at different schools.

Melissa Gellerman and Sierra Batchelor have been more than just teammates, they have a lifetime friendship.

“Our friendship on and off the field is very strong,” Gellerman says. “Our friendship on the field is definitely really bonded because i know that she's going to have my back no matter what."

The two still recall their favorite memories from they're younger years.

"When we were younger i would stay a week at a time at her house. I would just come home to get clothes and be like bye, ‘I'm going to Melissa's,’” Batchelor says

A 14-win season and a 1.39 era earned Gellerman an offer to pitch at Black Hills State. Batchelor team-high .541 batting average got her a spot at UC Colorado Springs, both are RMAC schools. For the first time in their lives these two inseparable friends will be on opponents on the diamond.

“It's going to be weird but it think it's going to be really cool because I’m just going to be able to walk up to the plate and look at her and smile and we're still going to be friends,” says Bacthelor.

Melissa is already imagining that first time she faces sierra in a game.

“I'm going to try not to laugh but i know what to do when i go up there and I’m going to do my best to get a groundball,” Gellerman says.

Sierra won't back down.

"I'm not going to let her strike me out. That's not about to happen,” Batchelor says. “I'm always going to wish her the best and say well if you strike me out I'm going to get her next time."

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