Athlete of the Week: Drew Derrieux

Grand Junction senior guard Drew Derrieux rode the bench most of his junior season. He averaged just one point a game. Now Derrieux is the southwestern league's leading scorer at 20 points a game and he's fully embraced the spotlight.

"You got to be involved in every part of the game just not scoring,” Derrieux says. “I think I've taken that as a challenge."

Derrieux was named MVP of the Warrior Challenge earlier this season. His 30-point performance was the highest of any player in the showcase. Derrieux's great early season play landed him an offer from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri.

"A lot of kids assume they're on the radar of all these different schools and things and they don't realize how much work is involved in that side of it,” head coach Isaac Madison says. “So hopefully that's a good lesson for all our guys and I think drew has definitely earned it."

Drew spent countless hours in the gym and the weight room this off season to improve his game. If you would've told him he'd be one of the best players in the western slope this time last year, he wouldn't have believed it.

"It's such a cliché you know, hard work pays off. I've done some stuff this year i didn't know i can do,” Derrieux says. Yyou just got to put in the time and the blood sweat and tears and good things will happen."

Despite the accolades Derrieux still says his work has just begun.

"I for sure want to continue our legacy and help us win a fifth league championship in a row,” Derrieux says. “I think that's pretty unprecedented and hard to do, especially in a 5A league. So that's obviously the first and foremost. And then I want to win us a playoff game."

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