Athlete of the Week: Kaylee Lacy

The divide between men and women in sports isn't exactly a thing of the past. But, women have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Kaylee lacy is the lone girl on the GJHS wrestling team. A trailblazer worthy of this week's athlete of the week honors.

“The way that people do look down on it as me being a female wrestler,” Lacy says. “I think that's what keeps me going to push like to just show them that I can do it."

Joining the Grand Junction wrestling team her freshman year wasn't a spur of the moment decision for Kaylee lacy.

Think of it more as an expectation.

"I started wrestling at three years old my brother got me into it and I’ve just been doing it ever since,” Lacy says.

Her arrival to the junction wrestling program actually really wasn't a surprise to anyone, especially not Tigers Head Coach Cole Allison.

“I saw her wrestle as a youth as a part of a couple different team and then her older brother Cody came into the program and was state qualifier for us multiple times so we knew Kaylee was coming and we were happy when she got here,” Allison says. “She's a good wrestler."
In her three years with the tigers she says she's never felt more at home with her team.

“My team's my biggest support,” Lacy says. “They push me every day."

It's everything outside the wrestling room that makes being a female wrestler so hard.

“I get a lot of criticism,” Lacy says. There's tons of people criticizing me, telling me I shouldn't be here because I am a female.

But she's never seems to let the noise get to her.

“KK(Kaylee) shows up and works hard every day and she brings a competitive spirit, she really claws and scraps for every point every second that she's out there,” Allison says.

This season will be her third on JV. It's just another opportunity to break the glass ceiling. She's got her eyes on varsity and on bringing more girls into the sport.

“I would love to see more female wrestlers because I feel like it makes us stronger and it gives us more power,” Lacy says.