Athlete of the Week: Kabir West

Most athletes dream of being the star player and stuffing the stat sheet. Others like Colorado Mesa Men's Basketball's Kabir west just want a shot.

"It’s a struggling feeling because you know you want to help so badly and you're just sitting there on the sideline,” West says.
West hails from the east. Brooklyn, NY to be exact.

He was at three different schools before CMU none of which he was given any sort of regular playing time.

No one saw his potential quite like the Mavs head coach Andy Shantz.
"For people that don't know Kabir he's just a fantastic kid,” Shantz says. “He has a great attitude, works hard, you couldn't ask for anything else in terms of being a great teammate."
West got his chance in 2015 and ran with it.

“Everybody's like close knit. At least the coaches are with me. And they allow me to play my game,” West says. “They told me I’d be a big part of the school. So that was the main reason why I came here."

And he's back for more in 2016, averaging double figures in scoring and shooting over 50 percent from the floor. Something he hasn't done since high school.

“Whatever my team needs you know I'm here that's me do it all,” West says.

For the first time since he was a young kid in Brooklyn, Kabir feels at home.

"This is the end point but I really do love the game of basketball,” West says. “And it just brings me a peace and ease in my mind. And i just enjoy it and love it."

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