CMU men's basketball: Defense on the Up and Up

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's been a tough season for CMU men's basketball. Mavs opened up 2017 at home against Chadron State and Regis, and for the first time this year, they played well enough to come away with a weekend sweep.

Unfortunately that's not exactly how it all panned out. A last second shot from the Rangers forced the two-game split, but that’s life.

Their performance, however, was what Head Coach Andy Shantz has been holding out for week in and week out. The most notable improvement came on defense. The Mavs got physical, and it paid off. They were able to hold the Eagles to 25% from the field on Friday night and followed up on Saturday with Regis.

“You know, we’ve talked a lot about having physical courage, and they have that. They’ve been stepping in, taking charges. I think the last three games, we probably, gosh, must have close to 15, taking charges or so. Again we don’t have a rim shot-blocker, but there’s different ways you can protect the rim. If you can take charges, you also get the ball every time on that, so it’s something we’ve been focusing on,” said Head Coach Andy Shantz.

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