Athlete of the Week: Eben Abshire

Snowmobiling is a sport that can be fun, but also very dangerous. For Grand Junction’s Eben Abshire his most difficult challenge came off the sled.

Being an uphill snowmobile racer requires hours and hours of work and preparation but for our athlete of the week Eben Abshire it is all worth it in the long run.

"I enjoy doing it you know it is kind of a family event. My mom and dad got us started. Now I’ve got a little boy and a little girl, and my wife and we go to our cabin and stuff like that, said Abshire."

Being able to get out and complete on the sled hasn’t always been possible for Abshire. Robert Anderson the Marketing Promoter for the Powderhorn Uphill Climb explains why.

“He was diagnosed with cancer early at the beginning of last year and he overcame that. It took him down and kicked him pretty hard but he fought it and he won. He's back up on his sled and doing great, said Anderson."

Even though cancer got in the way initially it wouldn’t keep Abshire from his dreams.

Abshire said, “The next year I started to go pro, and raced the first two races then got diagnosed with cancer last year. I got that taken care of and finally got to come back this year and start a whole new season racing pro again."

"Eben's an animal, you know on top of being diagnosed with cancer and racing on the RMSHA circuit, he's also a big part of our local search and rescue group. He has gone on multiple calls with me, and has a lot of determination and work ethic. He's not scared; he jumps on the bull and rides it home, said Anderson."

For everything eben Abshire has been through, he continue takes it day by day.

“It is a challenge and it's a victory thing. It is a want to feel to compete and it is definitely a rush."

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