Athlete of the Week: Ryan Biggs & Gavin Brown

In high school sports it is common for athletes to play with each other since they were young, but for our athletes of the week Ryan Biggs and Gavin Brown that will continue after high school.

Fruita monument baseballs Ryan Biggs and Gavin Brown have been teammates since they were 4 and that has continued throughout high school.

“Being best friends with him and playing baseball all these years you get to know him pretty well. And so I mean if he’s struggling or something happens I can always help him up and he does the same for me”, said Brown

Playing baseball with each for 14 years helps them now and will soon help them at Hastings College in the future. Fruita Monument Head Coach Ray McLennan explains.

“I think that is important that they know each other and that they trust each other. We are big believers in team chemistry and you have to have good leadership, and they certainly epitomize that”, said McLennan."

Going in as freshman together they know that they can depend on each other on and off the field.

“It will be super nice knowing someone and to keep on going for another four years with each other. It will be great, said Biggs."

In moving onto the next level of play their coach has all confidence of the world in them.

McLennan says, “Both kids are high character kids and they do the right things. We are excited for them and wish them nothing but the best."

Biggs and Brown will enroll as freshman at Hastings College in the fall of 2017.

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