HS Girls Soccer: Western Slope all-league announced

Player of the year- Sami Feller
Coach of the year- Maggie Sherman

1-Sami Feller-11 AC
2-Lexi Newton-11 AC
3-Emma Mueller-12 AC
Madi Caster-12 HM
Kaylin Casto-12HM
4-Maya Hilty-12 AC

5-Devin McSwain-12 AC
6-Eryn Peterson-11 AC
7-Nina Scruton-12 AC

Battle Mountain
8-Jordan Glennding-12 AC
9-Skye Whitney-12 AC
Abby Carlson-12 HM
Gitte LaWare-12 HM
Avery Weaver-11 HM

Eagle Valley
10-Ginny Osteen-11 AC
Sofia Aguilar-11 HM
11-Rose Sandoll-12 AC
Jessie Adams-11 HM

12-Lucy Wilson-10 AC
Keelan Vargis-12 HM
Leah Rowes-12 HM

Tanner MCann-11 HM
Piper Kunst-11 HM

Natalie Diaz-11 HM

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