Athlete of the Week: John Citrola

The Citrola family is known for making delicious Italian eats.

Citrola's Italian Grill is upon its four years in Grand Junction.

Now they'll be know for something else; motocross.

"My dad first got me a bike when I was three years old," motocross rider John Citrola says. "I started racing when I was four so ever since then I've kind of been hooked on it."

After winning numerous pro-am races Citrola finally earned his pro license.

"That was a crazy feeling," Citrola says. "I finally got the email that you're approved and I was like 'finally.'"

Earning the ticket at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Races was Citrola's ticket to the pros.

"To be able to go up to the line with him and all the best riders in the world and just to be able to stand with the top 40 guys is really exciting for me as a dad watching it through the years," father John Citrola Sr. says.

Now the goal is to qualify for a main pro event.

"I got to get a top-36 time," Citrola says. "If I don't get that I got to get top four in a last chance qualifier."

The Citrola's have two family businesses.

The restaurant.

And the track.

"We've been working for this my entire life," Citrola says. "We finally got the pro license and we're trying to qualify. This is the top step."

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