Athlete of the Week: Tyler Haskins

Hockey is a sports where it can take your entire career to get to the highest level, but for Montrose’s Tyler Haskins it is all for the love of the game.

He is this week’s athlete of the week.

Tyler Haskins has been playing professional hockey for the past 10 years, and he now wears the captain C on his chest for the Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams in Germany.

When Tyler returns to the Grand Valley every summer, he looks forward working with the future of the sport he once fell in love with. For the kids he works with it means the world them.

"You know he’s not just a coach to me, he is a friend. He is close, he is personal, and he really cares about what happens out there and every little detail”, said youth hockey player Tysen Trujillo.

Tyler began his pro career in 2004, when he was selected in the 5th round of the NHL entry draft by the Detroit Red Wings, before landing in Germany back in 2010.

For Haskins helping the youth of the game means everything to him

“When I was young there was plenty of guys that I looked up too and to be able to be that person for some kids it’s a big honor for myself and I don’t take that lightly”, said Haskins.

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