Athlete of the Week: Allen Wolff

For some kids bowling is a way to relax and hang out with friends, but for Allen Wolff he is able to do all that, and still compete at the top of his game.

He is this week’s athlete of the week

For those around Wolff whether it is in the bowling alley or outside of it, he makes a positive impact everyday on them.

"He’s just such a positive guy that he just keeps everybody up, and he is a really good coaching figure as well”, said teammate Nathanel Akens.

In less than two weeks Allen will compete against the best of the best in the junior gold bowling championships in Cleveland, Ohio.

He will compete in the 20 and under age group against the top male youth bowlers in the United States.

It will be the biggest stage that Wolff has bowled on in his career, but he will not get away from what got him there.

“I just need to take a deep breath; keep focused, and don’t freak out when I am up there", said Wolff.

The tournament awards scholarships and spots on the USA junior team, but Allen is looking forward to helping his teammates through this experience.

“It is going to help a lot that I know what to do now and I can tell these people hey I can help you with this and I’ll be able to help them”, said Wolff.

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