Athlete of the Week: Jasmine Johnson

The past year for Jasmine Johnson hasn't been easy. She has been recovery from her 4th torn ACL all while fighting for the chance to compete at the Train to Hunt National Championships.

"Having people tell me you can’t do this or you shouldn’t do this. I literally cried at the finish line today. It was amazing”, said Johnson

The two day competition tested the health of Jasmine’s knee with a 2 mile challenge course caring 30 pounds on her back ,but most of all it tested her mental toughness and heart.

"Each time it is a little bit more of a mental challenge so look back on this and says hey watch we did it again is a great feeling", said Lindsay Hart Jasmine’s teammate.

Johnson will not let her knee hold her back as she plans to climb a 14'er within the next week, and is prepared to be out on the hunting trail this fall.

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