Athlete of the Week: Dan Hendrix

Dan Hendrix spent 21 years in the army. There was a time when playing sports didn't seem like a possibility.

"i was doing a recreational parachute jump and I came in really hard that day," Hendrix says. "It was my 812th jump. I had 811 great ones. And one that left a little bruise.

It was more than a bruise. Hendrix lost his left leg in the accident.

"You go through depression and 'woe is me,'" Hendrix says.

Then Hendrix was introduced to sled hockey.

"You have a team aspect and team mindset your entire adult life, then you get out of the army and there's that vacancy," Hendrix says. "This is really helping to fill that vacancy of team work."

He also gets to share the sport with those who matter most.

"It just makes me feel god because I get to go outside and just go have fun with him," son Matt Hendrix says.

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