GJ Rockies: Players give English presentation

Ten players on this year's Grand Junction Rockies team came into the season knowing little to zero English.

However over the past few years the team's Cultural Development Program teaches classes to the non-English speaking players during the season so they can adapt to baseball and life in the United States.

Each player gave an English presentation at the Central High School pep rally on Tuesday,

"English is very important because my teammates are a lot of American players," pitcher Jan Carlos Lopez says.

Presentations gave students an insight to each player's life highlighting family and interests.

"Eventually they'' be continuing their English classes and be able to talk about more than just their favorite player or song," Rockies' teacher Jacob Pingel says. "It's been incredible to see them start and grow to where they are today."

All the players even played games and signed autographs during the assembly as well.

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