CMU Men's Soccer: No Roy, no problem

The Mavs start their 2017 campaign on Friday night at home against Lubbock Christian followed by a contest on Sunday against Newman.

It's part of CMU's DoubleTree Soccer Showcase.

One big difference with this year's team is no Roy Abergil. Abergil was the team's leading goal-scorer last season with 23. That was plus 19 more then the next guy.

"We don't have Roy which was a big threat for all the defenses in this conference," junior midfielder Moshe Perez says. "We're expecting to have four or five guys attacking the goal at the same time. I don't know a lot of defenses in this level that are able to handle that many guys attacking them at the same time."

The Mavs look to be more versatile with Abergil gone.

"We're going to be able to attack from different angles and positions on the field," head coach Todd Padgett says. "Last year more often then not it was getting to the end line and getting serviced to Roy."

The Mavs will kick off at 7 P.M. at home on Friday against LCU.

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