Athlete of the Week: Josiah Rider

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Every so often in sports, you get the opportunity to see dynasties grown and develop.

One dynasty that's caught national attention as of late are the Ball brothers, who are primed to make UCLA basketball great again.

Here in the valley, we’ve got a dynasty of our own.

The Rider brothers are Grand Junction High's wrestling royalty. Both are class 5A state champions, Isaac’s now wrestling for CMU, and Josiah is breaking out onto the national scene as a high school junior.

He's all about taking things to the next level, and that's why he's this week's athlete of the week.

Brothers are good for a few things. They're you're built-in best friend, and in Isaac and Josiah Rider's case, they’re also your toughest wrestling partner.

“Growing up with him he was the guy I went and grabbed and just worked out with him,” said Josiah Rider.

Isaac started the Rider Dynasty at Grand Junction High School with his state title win in 2015, and Josiah has kept things going strong. He won his own state title last year in the 152 pound weight class.

“We just pushed each other as we could and think that's why I’m where I’m at that's why where he's where he's at, and that's why he won a state championship cause we just pushed each other as hard as we could,” said Rider.

Isaac's now wrestling for Colorado Mesa University while Josiah's garnering national attention as a high school junior.

Most recently, he took second at the Walsh- Ironman tournament in Ohio.

“It’s very difficult to get in. There’s 96 teams from across the United States there and probably the top ten teams in the country are always there,” said Grand Junction assistant wrestling coach, Paul Martinez.

The only guy Isaac couldn't get past was Sammy Sasso out of Pennsylvania. He pinned Josiah in 2:46.

“It was 1-0, and I scrambled from the first period and second period he adjusted on it and caught me on my back, and I didn't get up after that,” said Rider.

Tiger's assistant coach, Paul Martinez says forget the loss. It's the way Josiah wrestles that's so impressive.

“It’s great to watch Jo because he's very confident. He's very patient, and he doesn't panic or give up points because he puts himself in bad situations. He's very methodical in how he does things and that's from lots of hours in the room,” said Martinez.

Josiah doesn't really give himself an offseason. During the summer he's training with Olympians because one day he hopes to be one.

“The next goal, I guess would just be going to college and competing and then gong to Olympic and World team trials and going there and just try to compete there,” said Rider.

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