Athlete of the Week: Mindy McCracken

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. On Monday’s we name our Athletes of the Week. This week’s the honors go to the captain of CMU women’s club rugby team, Mindy McCracken. McCracken is one of the Mavs’ leading scorers this season, helping her team lock down a spot in the rugby regional playoffs.

Mindy's says it's her competitiveness that drives her, but she's also made the sport a bit of a girl power campaign.

“I tried out for the team and the reason I stuck with it because a boy told me I wasn't athletic enough to play, so I just wanted to prove him wrong,” said Mindy McCracken.

Four years later and Mindy McCracken is still not done proving she play, leading the Colorado Mesa women's club rugby team to another postseason run.

“People realize that woman actually do this, and we do and we're good at it, and we can compete with the men and more people should realize that women are just as capable,” said McCracken.

As Mindy said, they’re not only are they capable, they're competitive. The Lady Mavs are one of the two teams from their region with a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

CMU women’s club rugby head coach, Makenzie Lewis says Mindy takes a lot of pride in her team dominating in a sport essential build for me.

“This is a sport that has the exact same rules, men's and women’s, so we play on the same size field with the same size ball with the same size rules, and it's pretty much the only sport that that is how it is,” said Mackenzie Lewis.

Mindy doesn't just play by the same rules as the men; she operates with the same intensity, serving as a second-year captain and a top scorer for the Mavs.

“Mindy is a beast she's just intense on and off the field. She leads by example and her character and the way she plays just moves people,” said Lewis.

Mindy literally moves people, running down, and tackling her teammates into the best rugby players they can be>

“I’m here to help them and show them where they can grow and how they can get better, so I just try and help them improve, teach them what they don't know, help them with what they're struggling with,” said McCracken.

It's just part of the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

“What I want is to make sure that they carry on from me is that they never give up and they just carry on,” said McCracken.

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