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Sexual Violence Adds to Trauma in Chicago's Deadliest Neighborhoods

Sexual assault is not unusual in Chicago's violent neighborhoods, but the deadly streets make it difficult to fully recover.

Christians Killed by ISIS Are 'Martyrs': Pope Francis

Pope Francis expressed solidarity with Egypt's Coptic Christians Sunday following the ISIS-claimed attack on a bus carrying pilgrims to a desert monastery.

Great White Sharks Surface Near Jersey Shore and Delaware

Two great white sharks are making their way to the Jersey Shore and Delaware beaches this Memorial Day.

Men Charged After Forcing Baby Alligator to Drink Beer

Two men are being charged for the harassment of an alligator, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said.

Bodies of Civilians Dumped Near ISIS-Ravaged City

The discovery confirms speculation that ISIS-linked rebels killed civilians during clashes in Marawi City that led to martial law in the Philippines.