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U.S. Officials on High Alert Following Istanbul Attack

Aviation security experts say ensuring that overseas airports offer security as good or better than in the U.S. is a major challenge.

Airport Carnage: Dozens Killed and Wounded in Istanbul

Turkish officials say multiple suicide bombers blew themselves up at one of the busiest airports in the region.

Viral Mac-and-Cheese Rant: Ex-Student Arrested Again

Luke Gatti was charged May 28 in Boca Raton with battery on an officer and resisting an officer with violence.

911 Calls Capture Moments Surrounding Daughters' Shootings

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday released recordings of two 911 calls from Christy Sheats' home and one from a neighbor's home.

Smoke, Chaos and Blood as Traveler Arrived in Istanbul

Freelance journalist Laurence Cameron first thought it was a bomb scare when he deplaned in Istanbul. Then he saw the police, the smoke and the blood.