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INTERACTIVE: What you missed in case you missed the debate

Solutions for removing Chromium-6 from water

Standing Rock Sioux brings Dakota pipeline fight to U.S. Congress

Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 event due to medical issue

New study finds medical marijuana saves taxpayers money

Are Our Rails as Safe as Our Planes?

Clinton releases tax returns, Trump calls ISIS remark scarcasm

Clinton chooses Va. Sen. Tim Kaine as running mate

Trump campaign dismisses criticism of Melania Trump speech

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Feds Delayed in Reaching Black Box, Camera in N.J. Crash

Crews on Saturday couldn't gain access to the front cab of the doomed train — where an event recorder and an outward-facing camera are trapped.

U.S. Adds Bees to Endangered Species List for First Time

The bees once crowded Hawaii and Maui but recent surveys found their populations have plunged in the same fashion as other types of wild bees.

Philippine President's Spokesman Rejects Hitler Label

The Hitler comments triggered shock among Jewish groups in the U.S., which pressured Washington to take a tougher line with the unpredictable leader.

Philly Officers Fired 109 Shots at Stabbing Spree Suspect

The Philadelphia Police Department's top brass say they're concerned about the rounds of shots fired at a stabbing suspect Wednesday night.

Bombs Knock Out Hospital in Rebel-Held Aleppo: Nurse

Abo Rajab said two crudely made barrel bombs hit M10 — one in front of hospital and other behind.