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Security troops on U.S. nuclear missile base took LSD, records show

Air Force records obtained by The Associated Press show that service members entrusted with guarding nuclear missiles bought, distributed and used the hallucinogen LSD and other mind-altering illegal drugs.

What now? Honduran TPS holder and medical resident faces uncertainty

"I start residency in a few weeks. My work permit expires June 14th. I have no idea what will happen," said Carol's Montes, a native of Honduras.

Trump cancels June summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un

America's nuclear weapons are so "massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never be used," the president wrote to the North Korean leader in a letter released by the White House.

Cars become hot death traps in just an hour

From safe haven to death trap in an hour

Dow Jones takes a triple-digit slide on news Trump canceled North Korea summit

Trump suggested the North Korean leader could "call or write" if he still wanted to meet.