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Montrose County Election Results

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District 1


Montrose County Commissioner District 1

Keith Caddy (R) 10,362
Derrick Ferguson (D) 3,817
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District 3


Montrose County Commissioner District 3

Roger Rash (R) 10,039
Beatrice Lucero (D) 4,149
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Montrose County Broadband, Ballot Issue 1A


Montrose County is asking to be authorized to provide telecommunication services for residential and commercial subscribers.

Yes 11,825
No 4,779
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Montrose School Dist. RE-1J Ballot Issue 3A


Montrose County School District was the recipient of a BEST Grant for the replacement of Columbine Middle School. The school district must secure the balance ($21.3 million) through a ballot initiative.

Yes 8,694
No 7,293

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