November 27, 2015



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Conditions at Grand Junction Regional Airport, CO

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Malware may hit computers, FBI safety net down

Thousands of people across the country whose computers were infected with malicious software more than a year ago faced the possibility of not being able to get online after midnight EDT on Monday.


Waldo fire has devastating economic impact

The Waldo Canyon Fire is the most destructive fire in the history of the state, but some worry the long-term economic effects the fire will have on the Colorado Springs area are just beginning.


Truck crashes near Mack

A driver is cited with careless driving after causing an accident with the truck he was towing.


Man shot, suspect on loose

Officers respond to an early morning shooting in the area of North 12th Street and Bookcliff Avenue in Grand Junction.


Police bust GJ heroin ring

Members of the Western Colorado Drug Task Force conducted an investigation in the 500 block of Court Road in Grand Junction in regards to heroin distribution.


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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Snow Sledding

Wintertime often brings with it boredom and sadness due to being stuck in the house while the weather is dreary and cold. But, there is no reason for it to have to be this way. One of the least expensive and fun ways to get out in the fresh air and have a good time this winter is to go snow sledding.

To go snow sledding all you have to have is a sled (or something similar that will slide on snow), snow, a hill, and yourself. The whole family can dress in snow gear, and head out for a day of fun on the hills. Most areas that get much snow have popular places for sledding that can easily be found while driving around.

Still, snow sledding is not as easy as it may appear. In fact, CLICK HERE to watch some very entertaining and eye-opening videos of a few awesome snow sledding wipeouts and bloopers! These videos provide the best reasons for why you must Click Here and learn all you can about the wonderful world of snow sledding!