Craig's Lawyer to Argue Guilty Plea Was a Mistake

Word of the arrest of Idaho GOP Sen. Larry Craig, 62, has increased speculation on whether he will seek a fourth term of office. He has spent 27 years in Congress, including 17 in the Senate. (AP)
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Minneapolis (AP) Senator Larry Craig won't be there when his lawyers go to court in Minnesota today in search of a legal do-over.

A spokeswoman for attorney Billy Martin says the Idaho Republican won't be attending the hearing at a courthouse in suburban Minneapolis.

Withdrawing the plea won't be easy.

Craig's attorneys will try to convince Hennepin County Judge Charles Porter that Minnesota's justice system made a terrible mistake in accepting the senator's guilty plea after his arrest in an airport restroom sex sting.

Legal experts say judges generally don't like to let defendants try another approach after the first one fails. Craig's first approach was to quietly mail in a plea to a disorderly conduct charge that he hoped would go unnoticed, but didn't.

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