Teens Advised Of Charges

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The two teens accused of shooting a Palisade High School student are back in court Thursday being advised of the charges against them.

14-Year-old Thomas English and 16-year-old Erick Deleon were at the Mesa County Justice Center Thursday being advised of the charges being brought against them. They are both facing ten charges, including Attempted First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Assault and Felony Menacing.

The two teens are being charged as adults and transferred to the Mesa County Jail. This after both the teens attorneys asked the judge to consider keeping them at the Grand Mesa Youth Detention Center so "the children could continue their education". The attorney's also cited lack of space in the Mesa County Jail, Judge Gurley replied to this with, "I'm sure the Sheriff will find room."

The teens are being transferred to the Mesa County Jail and held on $200,000 bond. They will be back in court in late October for Preliminary Hearing's.

The teens were arrested Monday after being questioned about the shooting that happened last Thursday night at Martinez' home on
Garland Street in Clifton.