Ex-Officer Receives 72 Year Sentence For Killing College Students

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Former police officer Patrick Strawmatt received the maximum sentence of 72 years in prison for killing two Mesa State College students in a car accident back in March.

The judge accepted the guilty plea Stramatt made last week for four counts of first degree assault, vehicular homicide, and eluding officers in the deaths of Jennifer Kois and Jacob Brock. He'll also face restitution.

Strawmatt addressed the families in court Friday, saying no words could describe his unspeakable actions.

The families of both victims spoke in court today as well. With tears in their eyes, they described to Strawmatt the daily pain he has made them feel.

"I always said I would tell his kids about the pain he caused me," said Vern Brock, speaking about his son Jacob. "Now I won't be able to do that."

The families of Kois and Brock say they are pleased Strawmatt will never be able to hurt anyone again. They also say they hope people will remember this sentencing before they decide to drink and drive.

Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says this is the longest sentence for a vehicular homicide case ever in the county.

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