CSP: Desert Eagle

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Colorado State Patrol has a new plan to reduce the number of DUI, injury and fatal crashes.

The project is called, Desert Eagle. It will consist of saturation patrols on different state highways throughout Mesa County. At least once a week, two or more troopers will be out looking for anyone speeding, following too close, and lane violations.

The State Patrol Chief has challenged the troopers to a 4-6-2. It stands for reducing DUI crashes by four percent, injury and fatal crashes by six percent, and injury and fatal crashes statewide by two percent. Each trooper will be seen wearing a gold eagle which symbolizes this.

The first day of the project was Friday. Five troopers were on I-70 around in the Debeque Canyon. Thirty-two people were stopped. Twenty-nine of those stops received speeding tickets. The others were cited for lane violations and following too close.

The troopers will be out all times of day in undisclosed locations. The overall goal is to let Mesa County citizens know that a trooper is watching them.

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