Local Woman Records Life Stories

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One local woman feels there are some life stories that need to be told, and she is making sure they are.

Terri Jones says she always wanted to volunteer at Heritage Senior Homes near her house in Grand Junction. When she asked what she could do, Heritage told her she could write their residents' life stories.

"I told them you chose the right person to do that," said Jones. "I love to write."

Jones became involved with Living Legacy, a program designed to capture the memories and lives of senior citizens in a book to pass on to their families. From the moment she met her first subject, Jones knew this was a special program.

"Everyday I'd go visit her and she'd say you just made my day," said Jones. "I would think, wow, you don't have many people say that to you. That makes everything worthwhile."

Jones says the program has allowed her to connect with some very fascinating people like Sylvia Hansen, who just celebrated her 101st birthday. Hansen says meeting Jones was one of the best things that could have happened to her.

"Then I realized I had an angel walk in my room," said Hansen.

Hansen says she never thought about having a record of her life before Jones agreed to write one.

"I just filled my heart to know that I have something now that I can pass down," said Hansen.

Hansen's family says the book has revealed many stories that they had never known before.

"It gives us the opportunity to hear these stories," said Rodney Hansen, Sylvia's son. "They bring a lot of humor, laughter, and just a good family time together."

Jones says it's this response from the families that keeps her going.

"I think it really pulls families together to have a document like that," said Jones.

Jones says the Living Legacy program has become so popular that she can't even keep up with all the requests she gets.

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